Monday, January 19, 2009

Darker days are coming

On this, the eve of the ascension of the Obamamessiah and the final day of Bush's presidency, Donald Sensing's words from 2003 ring true:
The Bush administration will be seen by freedom-wishing Americans a generation or two hence as the hinge on the cell door locking up our freedom. When my children are my age, they will not be free in any recognizably traditional American meaning of the word. I’d tell them to emigrate, but there’s nowhere left to go. I am left with nauseating near-conviction that I am a member of the last generation in the history of the world that is minimally truly free.

There were no viable options in the 2008 election, either, and this time the American populace picked the greater of two evils. Even darker days for liberty are coming, but it's a mistake to give up. Liberty is worth fighting for.

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